How to Change With Your Work

Just in case you are feeling a little uncomfortable about all this discussion around “high-end” packages and earning more money, I want to clarify something.

When I talk about charging more and positioning yourself as a premium coach, it isn’t just money I’m talking about…

A great way to start shifting your wealth consciousness right away is to begin thinking about money as a magnifier for everything else in your life.

When your income increases, your ability to reach more people & change more lives grows with it.

I’m a living example of this, because as long as I was playing small (and earning barely enough to pay my bills each month) guess how many people I was able to help?

Maybe a dozen at a time.

As my wealth consciousness grew – and I started earning 6 figures, multiple 6 figures, and eventually multiple 7 figures in my business – my impact grew exponentially as well.

Now I can say with confidence that I have helped to transform thousands of lives around the world for the better – and that number increases every single day.

Are you ready to change more lives than ever before?

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-   Jia Ni Teo

I jumped onboard the Live & Luxurious Program when Gina offered it, as she is a true leader and expert in hosting and selling high end programs and intensives in a elegant way… Within the first week of the program, I experienced a huge shift in my mindset and un-covered many limiting beliefs that were blocking me from receiving the level of wealth I envisioned.

By the time I completed the program, I found myself so much more confident in selling and delivering my own high-end private client intensives and coaching programs, as well as a newfound ease in generating sales among many other transformational shifts!

This resulted in a huge increase in sales, and I even celebrated a $10k week as a result of implementing and receiving Gina’s expertise, coaching, and support during the program. I highly recommend this program to entrepreneurs who are ready to let go of struggle, and start creating the level of money they deserve!