Downloadable recordings will be provided to you, so you can easily listen to them at home, at the gym, or on the go! Downloadable recordings will be provided to you, so you can easily listen to them at home, at the gym, or on the go!


Positioning Yourself as a Premium Coach or Expert

  • Why what you offer is valuable enough to charge, $5K, $10K or more
  • How to shift out of fear and self-doubt – and feel confident being THE expert at what you do
  • Types of high end packages you can offer
  • Mindset shifts and action steps to successfully position yourself as a premium coach
  • Documents and systems you must have in place before offering your high-end packages

Wealth Consciousness Secrets

  • How to shift out of the scarcity mindset for good
  • Inspired action vs. massive action — the secret to “effortless” wealth creation
  • Why self-care is critical to your success (and how to make it a priority in your busy life)
  • Daily practices to expand your wealth consciousness
  • How to say “yes” to your own needs & desires (without guilt!)

Virtual and In-Person Intensives

  • How to structure your 1-day intensives
  • Everything you need to know about pricing, supplies, choosing a location and more
  • What to do before & after the intensive to add value and make the changes stick
  • How to offer virtual intensives (without compromising on quality)
  • What NOT to do – mistakes that could cost you time, money, and clients!

High-End Coaching Packages, Group Programs & Retreats

  • What to include in your welcome packet and application process
  • The secrets to successfully booking $1,000 – $50,000 per person for your packages and platinum programs
  • Designing your basic, intermediate and advanced packages, PLUS a simple system for breaking your work into a series of sessions
  • To accept refunds or not to accept refunds? (What I’ve learned from years of experience)
  • How to plan for the costs of your group programs and retreats – so you can KEEP more of the money you earn!

Simple 6-Figure Marketing Strategies

  • Simple marketing strategies to create your 6-figure biz
  • Making online marketing work for YOU – basics of sales pages, solo mailers and more
  • Helping clients find the money to work with you
  • The “do’s” and “don’ts” of Discovery Sessions
  • How to quickly identify ideal clients (vs. nightmare clients)

The Art of Effortless Sales Conversations

  • How to fill your high-end packages and programs (without ever coming across as sleazy or “salesy”)
  • Understanding what the prospect is really saying
  • Diving deeper into Discovery Sessions… questions to ask, role-playing and more
  • Overcoming the top 35 objections to working with you
  • Communicating the value of your offer + facilitating the sale with confidence


These fillable / printable worksheets take you through everything you need to know to create and sell your high-end packages and programs, step-by-step. From educational segments and reflection exercises, to checklists and implementation instructions, the worksheets are designed to get you into action right away.


Done-for-you templates that you can literally copy, paste and customize to fit
your unique programs and packages:

The value to your business of having these documents in place is in the tens of thousands of dollars. And you’ll receive them all 100% free of charge as part of the program.

  • A good Welcome Packet should help your client begin to gain insights and experience transformations before your first session even takes place. This 19-page PDF was specifically designed for that purpose, and will serve as a great starting point for your own Welcome Packet.
  • Class Documents are as critical for group programs as your Welcome Packet is for one-on-one packages. To save you the time it would take to create this from scratch, I’m including the a word-for-word copy of my Class Documents from a past course. Simply customize and send!
  • Client Contract. I’ve seen far too many great coaches and service providers lose money, or even get into legal disputes with clients, because they didn’t require a signed agreement before beginning a package or program. This template is a great starting point, which you can customize to fit your needs (and review with your attorney to make sure you are 100% protected).


It’s often said that your income is the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most, and I have definitely found this to be true. Yet I also know how frustrating it can be trying to find and connect with other high-vibrational women, who are upleveling their lives and businesses in a big way. Well, that’s about to change… In the Live & Luxurious Elite “Members Only” Facebook group, you’ll be able to network and mastermind with a community of powerful women from around the world who are dedicated to helping one another create lives of fun, freedom and abundance.